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Design Works Studio


Cindy Engel

Creative Director & Creative Print Champion

Cindy is the founder and mastermind behind Design Works® Studio, Inc. Now celebrating 31 years in business, it is an accomplishment worth recognizing. Under her leadership, the company has received over 130 industry awards. She is a cheese head at heart and hails from Butternut, Wisconsin, but has now lived most of her life in Texas... you can still hear that northern accent in some of her words. Graduating with a B.S. in Fine Art and Mass Communications from the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, she brings both the right and left brain to the job. The most favorite part of her job is coming up with new ideas, whether a new brand, collateral brochure or wine label. She loves to bike and be one with nature, water coloring and reading are also her passions. Loves flowers of all kinds, planting them and watching them grow. Prefers alt rock. Her favorite color is orange and one of her favorite quotes is from her Dad growing up, he would often say "Walk it off." This can be applied to anything challenging in life, whether a skinned knee or a difficult moment in one's life.

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